Short for "Human Algorithm"

By looking up the check-in's and photo locations of your social graph, Hugo recommends the spots you might actually like (or, depending on the friends, the places you might want to avoid). Unlike Foursquare, Hugo lets you add places as "been there", "here now", or "save for later" — so you and your friends can plan accordingly. And unlike Yelp, Hugo only recommends relevant categories based on your location, so that you get the results you're most likely looking for. Hugo Beta launched in the app store within two months, though the app is no longer available today.


Hugo was designed before "flat UI" was a thing, thus the textures, gradients and dropshadows. However, apart from the navigation, Hugo was already adopting a very minimalist aesthetic, hoping to focus attention on the content itself. For comparison's sake, I've attached an earlier design (fourth screenshot, top right). The rest are actual screenshots I could salvage from emails and shared folders after the take-down.

Project Date



UI/UX, visual design.


No longer available.