The Pocket-sized Reference App

Cures is an all-in-one medical reference tool and journal. The iPhone app features thousands of treatments for the most common health problems, visually designed for easy browsing, searching, and bookmarking. Treatments are professionally curated by medical experts but personally vetted by community users who can share their own tips and experiences.

The Handcrafted Details

Since we went for a comprehensive approach, covering even lifestyle changes to home remedies, there were endless treatment options for certain problems — thus the need for visual organization. We grouped treatments under nine categories, formatted in an expandable "accordion" to keep the screen uncluttered. To make traditionally complex medical jargon more understandable, I handcrafted over 60 icons for context and reworded terminology to coherent "layman's" descriptions.

The Personal Health Journal

Apart from being a handy medical reference tool, Cures is also a personal health journal for users to document their path towards recovery. From a design standpoint, this was a bit of a challenge, because traditional journals require users to enter everything manually — a huge usability turn-off. To encourage our users to use the journal feature, we tried to make the data entry process as pain-free as possible — and even fun.

Your Health Manager

A less prominent feature of Cures is the manager, where you can manage the treatments and problems you have bookmarked or are currently tracking. When you let us know what you're tracking, we'll populate relevant symptoms and side effects for you (on the track page) and recommend other treatments we think might work better for you.


Here are a selection of remaining screens, from the login walkthrough to the (null) sets. During this production process, I realized that even the least important screens had to be designed, and that the seemingly "less" important features were still integral to the overall user experience.

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User interface, visual design, branding.


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