Carrot Cart

The Logic Puzzler

Carrot Cart is a logic puzzle game available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with 40 levels and an adorable bunny mascot. The goal is to push the carts of carrots onto the designated plots, without getting stuck. We generated the levels algorithmically, created automated build scripts to support multiple resolutions on the fly, hand-illustrated all graphic components, and animated our avatar to move in all four directions.


My husband (then fiancé) and I launched this game in record time (three weeks!) hoping to help fund our wedding. In terms of monetization strategies, we have a free version with ads and a paid version for $0.99. When players get stuck on a level, they may pay $0.99 to watch the bunny solve the moves and unlock the next level. In order to score all three stars, you must complete the level with the most optimal moves (fewest steps and cart pushes).


All the buttons down to the sound controls are sliced carrots — forreals. Our bunny mascot makes repeat appearances on the "slideout" screens, which animate up and down.

Project Date



UI/UX, visual design.